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I am multi-cultural, bilingual and a citizen of this diverse and richly inspiring global village. I stand firmly in my faith believing quite simply that we are created to love and be loved through loving relationships.
I offer a non-judgmental, ethically sound practice adhering to BACP’s standards. I am passionate about meeting and getting to know each uniquely created person and helping them navigate through whatever mini to maxi personal earthquake might be expressing itself in that particular season of life.
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Certified Cyber Therapist
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Empathy: “The ability to step into someone else’s pair of shoes and to truly feel where they hurt, rub, scrape and have worn through.”

Continued Professional Development

  • Somatic Experiencing Training - Completed June 2021
  • Therapy Mastermind Circle (Diane Poole Heller) – January 2017
  • How to Work with a Client’s Resistance (NICABM) – July 2017
  • Attachment Summit: Working with Trauma, Attachment, and Resilience! (Diane Poole Heller) – September 2017
  • Working with our Younger Clients & Their Families; A Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Approach to Child, Adolescent, Family & Group Treatment (Bonnie Goldstein) – September 2017
  • Healing Your Attachment Wounds (Diane Poole Heller) – November 2017 
  • How to Work with Anxiety (NICABM) – November 2017
  • Practical Brain-Focused Strategies for Working With Depression (NICABM) – November 2017
  • Why the Vagal System Holds the Key to the Treatment of Trauma (NICABM) – January 2018
  • How to Work with Trauma That’s Trapped in the Body (NICABM) – February 2018
  • Practical Skills for Working with a Client’s Anger (NICABM) – February 2019
  • Healing Sexual Trauma: A Somatic and Attachment Approach to Working with Therapy Clients (Diane Poole Heller) – April 2019
  • Wisdom of the Body (Pat Ogden) – July 2019
  • The body in Mind (Wimbledon Guild) – October 2019
  • Living with the legacy of loss (Janina Fisher) - June 2022
  • Couples therapy - A practical masterclass (Human Givens College)  - June 2023
  • Developmental Trauma - Early Stages (Integral Somatic Psychology) - September 2023
  • Developmental Trauma - Later Stages (Integral Somatic Psychology) - October 2023

"Dig within. Within is the wellspring of Good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig."

– Marcus Aurelius

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