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Somatic Experiencing® encompasses awareness of the client’s physical body.  This may include sensations, images, behaviours (voluntary and involuntary), emotions, meaning and more.  The body provides this information which becomes part of what the client and therapist work on together.


The wonderful part of Somatic Experiencing® is that it can access and resolve symptoms that might not be so accessible by the upper (cognitive) layers of the brain.  It provides an alternative for people who have tried to “think” their way out of trauma or physical discomfort.

In my experience, including the body in therapy work provides a more holistic and effective approach.  Over time, body, mind, soul and spirit become separated and dis-integrated when pockets of trauma get locked and trapped in physical symptoms.  Thanks to Somatic Experiencing®, these separated parts are able to integrate and in a sense “communicate” with each other.

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